The festival-concert «Gul Almaty – Flower City»

The Kazakh State Academic Philharmonic, named after Zhambyl, is actively engaged in the development and popularization of choral art, including the children’s chorus. The festival-concert «Gul Almaty – Flower City», which is traditionally held annually as a unique event in this field, also demonstrated its results this year.

The purpose of the festival, organized for the fourth time with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is to promote the children’s choral movement in the country and recognize young talents. The main organizer of the event is B. Baykadamov’s State Choral Chapel, a renowned artistic collective in the republic. The organizer is the Kazakh State Philharmonic.

This event is a unique festival of its kind in our republic. Today, on May 1 – the day of the unity of the nations of Kazakhstan – the artistic director and principal conductor of the choir, Honored Artist of Kazakhstan Beimbet Demeuov gave a speech and wished creative children success. Six children’s choirs participated in the festival: the Junior Choir of the prestigious Konyrau School, the Choir of Baiterek Secondary School Gymnasium No. 79, the Konyrao Secondary School Choir, the Children’s Choir No.5 of the MBM Birlik, the Boys’ Choir Isker No.5 MBM and the Koktem Children’s No.1 Choir. These choirs demonstrated versatility and professionalism. The concert was concluded by the State Choral Choir B. Baykadamova. Teachers who saw their students perform on the big stage and parents who watched the performance of their children were very pleased. At the end of the evening, each participant received a letter of gratitude and a souvenir from the Philharmonic Administration.

Today, on the first day of the concert festival, only children’s choirs took part. Tomorrow, on the second day, adult and student choral groups will take part. We wish all the participants and choir leaders success.

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