tate Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after T. Abdrashev

Altair Kozhakhmetov
joined the Philharmonic

Orchestra conductors: Kanat Omarov (Medal “For Valiant Labor”), Bestembekov Adil Sarsenbaevich (Excellent student of culture), Ismailov Kuanysh Atakozhauly, Nurzhan Baibosynov

The State Academic Symphony Orchestra has passed a long and difficult creative path. In 1958, he joined the Philharmonic Society and began to introduce thousands of people to the live sound of symphonic music in its highest samples. Its organizer, director and first conductor was People’s Artist of the Kazakh SSR, People’s Artist of Russia, People’s Artist of the Tatar ASSR Fuat Shakirovich Mansurov, whose name is inscribed in golden letters in the history of this collective. Over a long period of creative growth, the team was led by many famous musicians – Viktor Yakovlev, Ilya Ostrovsky, Shamgon Kazgaliev, Gaziz Dugashev, Timur Mynbayev, Renat Salavatov, Tulepbergen Abdrashev. Behind the conductor’s desk were such prominent maestros as L.Ginzburg, A.Katz, K. Eliasberg, M.Pletnev, J. Domarkas and a number of other famous conductors, to each of whom the orchestra owes a new step in its formation. It is impossible to count all the partners of the collective, among whom were famous musicians: S.Richter, L.Oborin, N.Petrov, V.Krainev, G.Kremer, M.Rostropovich, D.Shafran, N.Shakhovskaya, I.Arkhipova, V.Piavko, V.Noreika, M.Bieshu, Y.Mazurok, G.Axelrod, A.Vedernikov, R.Kerer, A.Gavrilov, D.Shapovalov, M.Maysky, G.Murzha, L.Timofeeva, N.Trul and a number of outstanding performers. The role of the State Academic Symphony Orchestra in the promotion of new works by Kazakh composers is significant, and the orchestra’s creative friendship with composers has a long tradition that continues to this day.

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